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Restaurant Orders App shows items filtered by preparation area:

for Appetisers, Main courses, Desserts, or Salads or Drinks etc.

We use Clover 'Label IDs' to specify each kitchen preparation area.

Can set up Label IDs on Clover Inventory.


This Restaurant Orders app (Version Sept 29th 2017) is designed for full-service dine-in restaurants.

It is not designed for 'fast-food' or very busy coffee shops. It does not respond fast enough.

If you need a very fast-working display app, that filters food/drink items to show on kitchen & Barista tablets,

then try our new 'Live Orders' app ( https://retailcp.ie/liverestaurant ).


Display App replaces the need for Kitchen printers & saves the cost of ticket printers & paper rolls.

This Restaurant Orders Kitchen Display APK Version date is Sept 29th 2017.

Shows Modifiers in Red font as below:


1. Summary features:

Separates items by Clover Label IDs, for each kitchen preparation area, Hot, Cold, Drinks etc.

Action buttons per line item & for overall order, (In Progress) (Done) ( Delivered)

Shows Order # or Table #, or manually entered 'order no'

Shows 'Order Types', (Dine In), (To Go), (Pick-up), (Delivery).


Quantity Sort:

Example: Clover order for quantity [3] ( Steak, Medium-rare ),

Display Tablet will show as (3) (Steak, Medium-rare ) on one line of display.

Without 'Quantity Sort' display would show three lines with single item ( Steak, Medium-rare ).


Can use display app settings to switch the three features, On-or-Off:

can switch 'Due Now' alert Off, or leave it On

can switch 'New Order' alert Off or leave it On

It is optional to switch off Qty Sort



2. Display Web-App works only on Android-based screens/Tablets.

Can have as many Android kitchen tablet displays as you wish for each Clover merchant account.


2-1. Which Android tablets to purchase:

Merchants may purchase any Android Tablet size 10-inches or larger.

Example: ELO Android Tablets.

Some USA Clover merchants have advised 'ELO' Tablets work well and are good value for large sizes.

I-Series 2.0 for Android 15.6-inch AiO Touchscreen

I-Series 2.0 for Android 22-inch AiO Touchscreen


Example: Samsung Tab-A 10-inch Android Tablet is very reliable:


To view kitchen Orders on a large wall-mounted TV screen,

Can share Samsung 10-inch Tablet view wth large (* Samsung) Smart TV

Whatever order details are displayed on Samsung 10.1-inch Tablet, the same details show on Samsung TV screen.

Can purchase a Samsung HD Smart TV of any size.

Use Samsung 'Smart Connect' free s-w to connect Samsung Android Tablet to Samsung large smart TV.

Can Google "Samsung screen sharing" to learn how to mirror screen from Samsung Tab-A onto large Samsung Smart TV


3. Two subscriptions:

3-1. Standard subscription.

Can have as many Android display tablets as you wish, on one subscription.

‘Waiter or Server' can have an 'AWAY’ button which can be actioned on any Android display tablet

3-2. Extra 'Mobile AWAY' subscription:

Has extra ‘Mobile AWAY’ capability is available on Clover Mobile or mini.

( I.e. can select 'AWAY' of 'Orders view' on Clover device instead of using an Android tablet)


3-2-1. This extra [AWAY button] feature is only useful to full-service dine-in restaurant.

When diners at Table no-X are half-way through starters/appetisers,

and their server needs to alert the kitchen that main-courses for Table no-X need to be finished & delivered soon,

(to replace need for server to walk to kitchen or call kitchen, to announce "Table no-X 'AWAY'"),

the server can select the 'AWAY' button on ‘Server-waiter view for Table no-X orders.

That automatically results in those mains-items flashing On-Off repeatedly on kitchen ‘Mains’ display tablet,

until kitchen tap tablet screen.



4.  To install 'Restaurant Orders Display' Clover station App


4-1. Sign-up on Clover station, on App Market, Accept & Install, & Open.

App imports existing Labels from your Clover account (such as 'Mains', 'Hot food', 'Hot drinks').

You set Preparation times per Label. They are used by display tablets to 'alert' when orders are overdue.


Can set the sequence-priority 1-2-3-4 & the for each Label.

Sequence numbers per Label ID are used to show items by ‘priority’ on top of display.

Only relevant to ‘Kitchen-ALL’ & ‘Waiter’s View’, which show all order items.


Edit & Update each Sequence no as above:


Updated details as below:


Must select 'Save Settings' on Clover station 'Restaurant App' to import the Labels.

Only then can the Display Tablet Web-App import the Labels & Preparation times.


4-2. To install Web-App on each Android kitchen screen-Tablet for 'Restaurant Orders',

Use the kitchen Tablet to open this URL https://support.retailcp.ie/restaurant

Select 'APK Download'. Install. Open.

Select either USA, or EU (UK & Ireland).

The Android kitchen display tablet needs to 'connect' with your Clover account in the 'cloud'.


Can either sign-in each Tablet with Clover-owner email & password,

but the easiest way is to select (Connect with QR) by getting a QR-barcode activation code

from Clover account dashboard on any browser screen.

Copy that QR Barcode using 'PrintScreen', 'Paint', Or use 'Snipping Tool' to capture screenshots

& Paste onto a word doc. Print the barcode page,

so that kitchen staff only need to point Tablet camera at barcode when signing in.


See FAQ no 1 screen pictures of 'Connect QR' sign-on. See top-right [ ? ] with 'Support & FAQ.



4-3. App separates order items based on a Clover Label to match each kitchen preparation area,

'Starters' or 'Appetisers', 'Mains', 'Hot food', 'Pizza Oven', 'Cold Salads', 'Desserts', 'Drinks'.

The 'Kitchen-ALL' & Waiter's View Tablets will show all ordered items.


4-3-1. Select 'SYNC LABELS', to import existing & new Clover account Labels.

(On first time to use display app on kitchen Tablet)


On drop-down can select views for those imported Labels,

such as 'Starters', 'Mains' or 'Hot Food', 'Desserts', 'Drinks' items.



4-3-2. Kitchen staff in 'Starters' prep-area will select 'Starters' :


They only see items with 'Starters' Label ID in their preparation area:



5. Select Options (A) or (B) on Android display screen-Tablet, to suit your restauant.

Full-Service restaurants, choose option (B) to have 'Open' & 'Completed' view options,

and Waiter's View with 'AWAY' button.


5.1 Settings option ( A ) Cafe Bistro, 'Open' only  & 'Done' button.

( A ) shows only 'Open' View:

Can have 'Hot food' on one display  & 'Coffees-drinks' on another display.

View for option ( A ) Cafe Bistro, with only 'Hot Food' item displayed.



5.2. Settings option ( B ), when Kitchen & Waiter need to see 'Completed' Orders views,

Also enables 'Waiter's View' with 'AWAY' action buttons.

Enables toggle between 'Open' & 'Completed' views on each screen-Tablet.


Option (B). Waiter's View & AWAY buttons to alert Kitchen to get Main courses ready for Table #X.


Option (B). Kitchen had marked 'Starters' items as 'Completed'.


Option (B). Waiter marks Tables 2 & 3 as 'AWAY', to inform Kitchen to start working on these.


'AWAY' action by Waiter, will get those orders to 'Flash' On-Off, on Mains kitchen display screen.


Kitchen or Waiter-server can view 'Completed' items



On [Completed] view, there are Two ways to mark as 'Delivered' to move off display

Line item button

If you select the line item [DELIVERED] button that sends "only one line item" off the display.

Move all order items to 'Delivered:

Tap on an Order 'anywhere' to get the following pop-up.


Select the [Delivered] button on that pop-up. That sends all order items, off the display.


Please email any questins to app@retailcp.ie