User Overview

Coming soon: subject to Clover testing & approval.

We plan to publish new 'PDI' App late August or early Sept 2019,


Payment-Debit-Invoice (PDI) App. Select to open on Clover station-device:


All Payments (Credits), new orders (Debits & 'for Invoice') & 'ADD new customers'

can be processed on Clover station using 'Payment-Debit-Invoice' (PDI) app:



PDI App allows Clover merchants to manage 'house accounts'.

Allow customers put Clover orders 'on tab' to be paid later that week or month:


Goods & services businesses whose customers put purchases 'on Tab':

  • If customers need balance on account to always be up-to-date,
    • Mark order as 'Debit.
  • When customers need a formal invoice end week, or 2-weeks, or monthly.
    • Each purchase is marked 'paid' very fast: Mark 'Paid' as 'Invoiceable'.


Convenience stores & Coffee shops at work locations whose customers pay end week, or 2-weeks, or monthly.

  • Each purchase is processed very fast: Mark 'Paid' as 'Debit'.
  • Can process customer payments: Advance deposit, or 'Partial payment' or 'Pay balance'.
  • Account balance is always up-to-date & shows all 'on tab' Debits & Payments.


Events for association members who pay at the end of 2-3-or 4 days for goods or services:

  • Events where associations clients register & put items & dinner on tap
    • and pay for all 'on tab' charges at end of 2-3-or-4 day event
  • App sets orders as 'Invoiceable.
  • Auto-generate invoice to each 'charge account' at end of exhibition
  • End-customer can pay online, via PDI app & First Data / Clover payment gateway.


New customers who pay a deposit when ordering goods or services:

  • Projects as 'Weddings', 'Wedding dress', 'Custom furniture', 'Dental treatment', 'Contract work'
    • whose customers pay an advance deposit & make 'partial payments'
    • Who will 'pay balance' at end of project.



Payment-Debit-Invoice (PDI) App on Clover station-device:


Search existing customer.

Select [GET BALANCE] button to view customer's account balance:



Add a new customer using PDI App on Clover station:



Pay a balance for an existing 'PDI' house account customer:



Can process all Debit & Payment orders using PDI app on Clover station:

  • Devices can be Clover Station, or Mini or Flex
    • (Not possible on Clover Go)



Can process a Clover 'debit' order as either a [Debit] or [for Invoice]



Process a payment on Clover station using PDI App:

  • Select 'Payment' button.
  • PDI app displays the balance. Either edit that amount or pay full amount.
  • Choose payment method: 'Cash', 'Card' or 'Check'






Web-app (AR) Accounts Receivable is fully integrated with Clover orders processed using above 'PDI' app:


The PDI app includes a fully integrated Web-app online accounts receivable (AR) system

  • Web based accounts app is connected into Clover orders.
  • Clover station Payments & Debit-Invoice orders are automatically saved to Web-app customer account.
  • Saves time. No double entries. Accurate.


Can process payments & advance deposits against an account balance:

  • Take payments via Clover stations-devices. App auto-saves to Web-app accounts.


  • Record-post check payments & bank lodgements manually using online Web-app.


Put Clover orders 'on Tab' for house accounts.

  • Mark Clover Orders as 'paid' as either 'Debit' or 'for Invoice'.


Can view customer accounts balances list on Clover station.

  • Balance is sum of Debits (+) and Credit (-) transactions
  • Clover station-device user can click on [Pay balance] app button & very quickly process that payment amount.


On Web-app can generate PDF Invoices & Statements.

Customer portal allows end-customer view all previous PDF Invoices & Statements by month.



Steps to process 'Debit' Orders & later generate an Invoice:



Mark goods-services Clover order as either 'for Invoice' or as a 'Debit':

On web-app, you can later switch (convert) 'Debit' orders to 'Invoiceable' & 'visa versa.


Orders marked 'for Invoice' on the PDI App on Clover station as below,

will be available on the Web-app as 'Invoiceable':



  • 'Invoiceable' orders are not yet 'Debits' on customer account.
  • They need to be included in an invoice.
  • The invoice total will show as one 'Debit' transaction on Web-app account.


Tick the box beside the orders to be included in next invoice:


 Select button [ Create Invoice ]


When that is selected, app quicky shows [ Invoice created ] 



To view PDF Invoice docs for any customer, select that Customer & select 'Invoices':




Select 'Invoices':

Select the [PDF] button to open & view the Invoice:

  • or Cancel the Invoice:




Invoice 'Order ref' includes the order text-no entered (example below "invoice")

& with first 5-characters of Clover Order ID SQGEY below) within brackets:


PDF copy of Invoice is available any time now & in future, on your Web-app via PC-Laptop :

Open the PDF:



Below is the PDF Invoice when it is opened:



You do not generate invoices for 'Debit' orders.

They are already 'debited' against customer's web-app account.

'Debit' amount & order ref are immediately recorded by PDI App on Web-app 'house account:


Can immediately generate a Statement to include all Debit & Payment-Credits:


Statement will include all Credit & Debit transactions during the month selected:

  • Can select the month for a Statement (month just gone or some previous month)


Below is the PDF Statement when it is opened:


On Web-app can schedule that Invoices for 'ALL Customers' will be generated automatically:

  • Merchants can specify one of more days of month (1st & 16th am) to invoice all 'Invoceable' Orders.
  • Or can specify weekly & which day of week
    • Orders previously billed will not be included
  • Task will be completed after midnight Pacific Time & before start of business day East Coast time
  • PDF Invoices will be automatically saved to each customers record
  • PDFs will be available for download by end-customer using own secure login to account on Customer online portal


For once-off Customer requests, can generate an invoice to include one or more 'Invoiceable Orders.

Can select 'Quick Statement' to be immediately gemerated in PDF or XLS format for one customer:


Below is a PDF doc showing balances list for ALL Customers:


Below is an XLS balances list for ALL Customers:

See above that Web-app list will include 'Business name' if that was entered on Clover end-customer record.