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Payments-Debits-Invoice App is now available for Clover merchants in USA and Canada.

Published May 1st 2020.

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Payments-Debits-Invoice App to assign Clover orders to a 'house account' to be paid later.

(We refer below to 'PDI' as a short name for Payments-Debits-Invoices)


App works on Clover Station, Mini & Flex:

'House account' orders & payments can be processed using the app on Clover devices.

To view a video of the app working on a Clover mini, copy-paste this URL into a new 'tab' [ ]


Payments for 'house accounts' can be processed quickly using PDI app on Clover device:

  • Find Customer, click on 'Payment':
    • Choose 'Cash', 'Card' or 'Check' payment.
  • Take a deposit or advance payment 'on account'.
  • Take partial or full payment of account balance.
  • Customer account balance on web-app is immediately & automatically updated.

Goods-services orders processed via PDI app on Clover device:

Can start the order on Clover in two ways, whichever you prefer:

(a). Start with Register or Customer app on Clover device.

After 'Pay' button, click on 'PDI-Debit' tender button.

App re-directs to 'PDI' screen, to choose 'Debit' or 'For Invoice'


(b). Start those orders by opening the PDI app on Clover device.

Select 'Sale-Debit' button. PDI app opens Clover Register.

Enter items. Select [Pay].


For both above ways to start, assign paid 'Goods order' as as either a 'Debit' or 'For Invoice'.


How to choose 'Debit' or 'For Invoice' ?:


'Debit' Orders. Amount is automatically added to account balance on (A-R) web-app.

  • Account balance PDF Statements can be scheduled automatically, Weekly, Monthly


'For Invoice' (Invoiceable) Orders for customers who require PDF Invoice later that week or month.

  • with Line item order details on PDF invoice doc,
  • Can create one invoice on demand.
  • Can automatically schedule invoices for 'All account customers', Daily, Weekly. Monthly.


PDI App includes a fully integrated Accounts Receivable (A-R) online Web-app.

  • PDI 'House account' orders & payments are automatically saved into the 'PDI' A-R web-app account balances.
  • Can generate PDF Invoices & Statements.
  • End-customers can sign up for their own 'Customer Portal' account,
    • to view their own orders & payments,
    • can manage card-on-file and pay balance online.
  • Clover merchants will not need an external A-R package.


Recurring card payment contracts: Weekly or Monthly.

  • [ a ] Annual charges paid Monthly or Weekly via card-on-file on Portal
  • [ b ] 'Pay Balance' of whever is owed 'on account' Monthly or Weekly via card-on-file on Portal
  • See FAQ no 8 for detailed user notes


Subscription prices are based on quantity of PDF documents created per month:

Merchants will see these Subscription prices and choices when signing up on Clover App Market.

Each Invoice is [1] doc. Can have as many invoice lines with item details as you wish on one document.

Each PDF Statement is [1] doc from the below credits.

  • During busy months merchants can purchase top-up credits for extra documents
  • Top up prices vary for 'Starter', 'Medium', 'Large' or 'Enterprise' subscriptions:

Subscription costs in Canadian dollars as below:



Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Click on [ ? ] Support & FAQ, top right corner of this page:



Please email your questions to


Installation notes:

To get started & to install the PDI App on Clover device:

Sign up on Clover App Market. (See FAQ no 1)

The Payment-Debit-Invoice (PDI) App will show on Clover station or Flex:

Select & open app-icon on Clover device:

Search existing customer or create-add a new customer.


If customer is not yet added to Clover account, you can add a new customer to Clover by using the PDI screen:

Add-create a new customer using PDI App on Clover station:




Can start a PDI 'goods-services' order in two ways, whichever you prefer:

(a). Start with Register or Customer app on Clover device. After 'Pay' button, click on 'PDI-Debit' tender button.


(b). Start those orders by opening the PDI app on Clover device. Select 'Sale-Debit' which re-directs to Register


For both (a) or (b) above, they return to same PDI screen, to select either [Debit] or [For Invoice] as explained below.


Using PDI app on Clover device:

Search for an existing customer, or 'Create a new Customer' via the App:

Click on [ Select ] to view Tom Wates account balance as below:

Account balance below ( € 212.27) is always up-to-date with Debit & Payment transactions.


To start a new 'goods-services' order, select 'Sale-Debit' button above,

App will re-direct to Clover register screen.

Enter order details for goods-services as normal.

When order details are completed, select [Pay] button:

  • (Clover order status is 'paid' at this stage, which updates Inventory)

Clover returns to PDI app screen below, for all PDI 'Goods items' sales orders:



PDI Clover Orders for goods-services can be marked as either 'Debit' or 'For Invoice',

on the PDI App on Clover station:


For orders marked as 'Debit':
The Clover order amount is immediately 'debited' against customer's web-app account.


Orders marked 'For Invoice' will be available on the Web-app as 'Invoiceable',

so that they can be included later in a PDF Invoice doc.

'Invoiceable' orders are not yet 'Debits' on customer account.

  • When an invoice is created to include 'For Invoice' orders,
  • only then will the invoice total show as one 'Debit' transaction on Web-app account.


To process 'Invoiceable' orders & later generate an Invoice:

  • see FAQ no 4 for detailed notes on how to generate PDF Invoices



Example below of a 'goods' order being marked 'paid' as a 'Debit' transaction:

Clover staff confirm with end-customer to mark order as either a 'Debit' or 'For Invoice':


This order for 15.60 has been assigned as ‘Debit’, which increase 'Balance' from 212.26 to 227.87:


Amount is added to customer A-R balance immediately.

( € 212.27 + € 15.60 = € 227.87 )




Example of a 'PDI' account payment being processed on Clover device:

Select 'Payment' button. (above screen)


App displays the balance amount.

Customer advises either to pay partial or full amount.


Enter 100 above.

'Cash' payment method was selected.

App creates that payment on Clover register.


Below, a Card payment:

When 'Card' is selected, app re-directs to standard Clover Register card payment screen:

Below we pay '50' to reduce the balance amount:


With successful card payment, customer account balance is automatically updated,

and shows immediately on web-app and on PDI Clover screen:




Web-app (A-R) Accounts Receivable is fully integrated with Clover 'on account' PDI orders:

Clover station Payments & Debit-Invoice orders are automatically saved to Web-app customer account.

Saves time. No double entries. Very accurate.


Those Debit & Payment transactions are automatically available on Accounts Receivable (A-R) Web-app:

  • The web-app automatically creates A-R accounts for any 'regular' or new customer,
    • when a Debit or Payment order is first assigned to that customer.
  • Clover merchants do not need to do any special tasks.
    • A-R web-app works automatically in the background.


Using the online A-R Web-app, Clover merchants can generate PDF Invoices & Statements.

  • One off Invoices and Statements can be created immediately on demand.
  • To generate Invoices and Statements for all customers, merchants set-up the web-app schedule dates:
  • Following that initial set-up, future Invoices and Statements will be generated automatically:
    • Daily, Weekly, Monthly on days and dates, as each Clover merchant chooses.


PDI web-app includes a Customer Online Portal:

Clover merchants 'invite' end-customers to set-up an account on the portal. (Customer choice):

  • End-customer can view past transactions & stored PDF Invoice docs & up-to-date account balance amount.
  • They can choose to pay full balance amount or make a part payment.
  • These online payments are processed securely via First Data Clover (FISERV) payment gateway.
  • See FAQ no '6' for step-by-step screen views:


Recurring card payment contracts: Weekly or Monthly.

  • [ a ] Annual charges paid Monthly or Weekly via card-on-file on Portal
  • [ b ] 'Pay Balance' of whever is owed 'on account' Monthly or Weekly via card-on-file on Portal
  • See FAQ no 8 for detailed user notes.


Web-app allows merchants generate A-R customer and transaction reports.

  • See FAQ no '7' for detailed user notes.



Examples of businesses who can benefit from PDI App:

Goods & services businesses whose customers need detailed PDF invoice doc:

  • On PDI online web-app, you can generate a PDF invoice at end week, or 2-weeks, or monthly.
  • with inventory line item, qty & price from 'on Tab' orders:
  • For those customers, mark paid order as 'Invoiceable'


  • If customers need balance on account to always be up-to-date,
    • then on Clover device PDI app, mark order as 'Debit'.


Example: For a customer with an existing 'Debit' balance on account,

  • When next order is put on tab as a 'Debit'
  • PDI App instantly updates customer's A-R balance to include that Debit order amount.
    • i.e. Clover PDI Debit orders are updated in real-time on A-R on web-app.
    • (Works for a customer in store,
    • or a Delivery driver with a Clover Flex, or service contractor with a Flex).


  • Take payment on Clover device PDI app.
    • Select PDI app [Pay Balance] button to take a payment for new updated balance.
    • App allows choice of Cash, Check or Card
    • PDI App on Clover device instantly updates Web-app customer account balance


Coffee shops at work locations, hospitals, offices, factories:

  • where regular daily customers prefer not to use card for every purchase:
  • Each purchase is processed very fast.
  • Simply click on 'Pay' & mark order as a 'Debit'.
  • Can process customer advance payment-deposit, or 'Partial payment' or 'Pay full balance'.
  • Account balance is always up-to-date (Debits, minus Payments = Account balance).


Events for association members who pay at the end of 2-3-or 4 days for goods or services:

  • Events where visitors-clients pay registration fee & put items & meals on tab.
  • At end of 2-3-or-4 day event, customers can pay balance via PDI at Clover device or via online customer portal.


New customer projects, which require a deposit when ordering goods or services:

  • Projects such as 'Weddings', 'Wedding dress', 'Custom furniture', 'Jewellery', 'Dental treatment',
  • Home & office maintenance services (Plumbing, Electrical, Repairs, Decorating)
    • whose customers pay an advance deposit & make 'partial payments'
    • Who will 'pay balance' at end of project.


Please email questions to or request a call back. Thank you.