Restaurant Live Orders Display

This app is available on Clover USA App Market since 1st February 2019.


The app instantly displays order items on 'Android' kitchen diplay Tablets,

immediately when line items are entered on Clover Register open orders.


Display Tablets can filter orders by preparation areas, Hot Drinks, Hot Food, Pizza Oven, Salads, Mains etc


  • Use Clover Inventory to 'Add Label-ID'
  • allocate all coffee-tea items to 'Hot Drinks' Label
  • allocate all Pizza inventory items to 'Pizza Oven' Label


Kitchen staff use Tablet app settings to choose which preparation area to specify:


Select from drop-down list based in your own Labels,

Example: Hot Drinks, Hot Food, Pizza Oven, Salads, Mains etc


  • When items are ordered on Clover and are sent to all display Tablets,
  • the display app (on each Tablet) filters which line items to show on each preparation area Tablet



Clover station-device sends orders direct to display Tablets, using local WiFi network.

  • Display tablets must be Android with OS (operating system) 4.4 and upper

LAN, local area network, WiFi

  • Display Tablets receive the orders direct & immediately from local Clover station,
  • Kitchen Display Tablet does not use an Internet connection to get order details.
  • The benefits are that display app is very fast & reliable.
  • Orders show instantly after entry on Clover.
    • No ‘refresh’ is required on display tablet.


See FAQs (top right) answering many questions on how to install the Clover station app from App market,

How to connect each display tablet to 'Master' Clover station,

How to connect Android display tablets to Clover stations


App is perfect for:  

  • Café-diner / Coffee shops which need separate displays for Coffees & Hot food
  • Food trucks which have no Internet access
    • Offline Clover station can send orders to locally connected display tablets.


The app replaces the need for kitchen printers & saves the costs of printer ribbon ink & paper.

  • On Kitchen printers an updated order needs to be re-printed,
    • Wasts paper & time to re-read updated paper order.
  • On display tablets, the order details are updated instantly,
    • Faster, clear, up-to-date information to kitchen.
  • Restaurant Live Orders Display app saves time, paper & money.


Below shows 'Mains' prep area with a pop-up to expand view of a Completed order:

Can see Customer name as Order Title

Can see two standard modifiers; one line each

  • Note we do not handle Custom modifiers, but we will announce soon late February when we can
  • See FAQ no 5:
  • Meanwhile, we suggest to use standard modifiers to save time & increase order accuracy.

Can choose to had quantities of identical items as ( 2 ) Hawaiian Pizzas


Tablet display app filters order items by preparation area,

App uses Clover Label-IDs to represent prep areas:

Drinks-Barista ; Hot Food ; Appetisers ; Main courses ; Salads ; Pizzas ; Sandwiches ; Desserts



Kitchen display Tablet app settings page, choose (A) or (B) above:

(A) when you only wish to see 'Open' orders

(B) when you want to also view orders when 'Completed'


Display features include:

  • Shows Clover Order type (Dine-In, Take-away, Delivery)
  • Highlights standard modifiers in Red font
    • (+ New line for each Modifier)
  • Shows quantity three identical items as (3).
    • Can switch off the Qty sort option if kitchen prefer single line per item.
  • Action 'Done' button on each line item & on overall order.
    • [ Done ] button top right of each order to mark all lines 'Completed'
  • For App Settings option (B), can toggle between 'Open' & 'Completed' views.



Below, Kitchen-ALL view includes items from all preparation areas:





Below the display filtered for 'Starters' prep area. Only includes starter items:




Below, can expand order view into pop-up' by tapping anywhere on order # 27 on display screen:



Above Order # 27 is marked 'Done' by Mains kitchen area.


Below Order nos 27 & 28 were marked 'Done' by Mains area & are moved to 'Completed' view: