Existing 'Charge-to-Invoice' and 'PayOnAccount' app users: We need to closed down these apps summer 2020.

We ask that you please plan to switch over to newer better RetailCP app:

"PDI. Recurring Payments-Invoices-House accounts" replaces those two apps.

See new app details:   https://retailcp.ie/paymentsdebitsinvoices

You will receive 30-days free trial of new "Payments-Debits-Invoices-On account" app


Please plan to move accounts onto new Payments-Debits-Invoices app.

RetailCP support will help you to migrate 'Charge-invoice' account balances to new "PDI. Payments-Debits-Invoices" web-app.


To learn more, please email to app@retailcp.ie with your merchant name and contact Cell or phone no.

We will call you at the time you recommend.


The new PDI. Recurring Payments-Debits-Invoices-House accounts app was published May 1st 2020.

Many Clover merchants are using this app and are very pleased with it. See references on Clover AppMarket.


We have added many improvements to PDI app to process orders and payments for 'House accounts'.

PDI web-app will schedule Invoices & Statements to run automatically.


New Payments-Debits-Invoices web-app has Recurring payments using Card-on-file & Customer online portal.