User Overview

 RetailCP wish to advise that new Clover merchants cannot sign up for the two Apps:

'Charge-to-Invoice' & 'Payment On Account'.


We have a better new app which replaces both above apps:

Please review our new app (Payments Debits Invoice ) at

This new app will be available soon. We hope that Clover complete testing before end October 2019.


For existing Clover merchants who are signed-up for Charge-To-Invoice & Payments On Account,

you can continue to use both apps. Please download the PDF doc (Top right), which gives an overview of the 2 apps.


When you have questions, please first read the user notes under FAQs [top right '?' FAQs] 

If you have new questions, please email to  Many thanks


The 'Charge-to-Invoice' App is suitable for any business that puts customers orders on 'tab',

  • App allows you to 'Charge orders' on Clover station-devices as paid by tender type 'Charge-to-Invoice'
  • Later that day, end-week, mid-month or end month, at the date you prefer,
  • This app allows you generate PDF Invoices for 'Charged Orders' by date range.


Note: Accounts Receivable subscription ( Accs-R ):

  • You need to sign-up for one of the "Accs-R" subscriptions to be able to:

(a) Process payments manually via Web-app & to generate Statements.

(b) To allow end-customers pay online. (Online payments are allocated using Web-app Accs-R).

(c) Need an Accs-R subscription to be able to use 'Payments-On-Account' app on Clover station.


List of FAQ (Answers to frequently asked questions):


  • See the 'Support & FAQ' pages, top right of page.
  • They explain how to install Clover station app & set-up Customers on the Web-app.
  • And how to use both Clover & Web-app features
  • Please email your questions to



Clover 'Charged orders' & 'Payments' are fully integrated with our Accounts Receivable Web-app.


When you sign up for one of the Accs-R subscriptions, you get the web-app integrated Accounts Receivable system,

which allows you enter Payments & to generate Statemens & Aged Balances reports.



Must sign up for Accs-Receivable subscription on Charge-to-Invoice,

to be able to use 'Payment On Account' on Clover station-device.


Web-app sends Invoice & Statement PDF docs by email.

  • Each merchant can decide whether to send PDFs by email, or not.
  • Your Clover customers can have more than one email address.
  • App sends PDF Invoices and Statements to each email address on end-customers account.


(Above PDF Invoice shows that Qty [20] same item uses only one Invoice line, because Clover Item uses 'Per unit' pricing.)


PDF Invoices include all details from 'Charge-Invoice' orders

  • Qty by Units ( 10 Lbs weight)
  • Items can have Custom modifiers, to add more detail
  • Standard modifier & price will show on separate line, following main Item.
  • Line item discounts
  • Overall order discounts
  • Line & Payment Refunds
  • Service charges.


Customers can 'Pay Online' with Card OnFile

  • The cover emails which send out PDF Invoices & Statements include a 'Pay Online' URL
  • End-customers who wish to pay you online by card, can select the [Pay Online] URL
  • This re-directs the customer to the secure Clover / First Data payment gateway


Customer Data Protection Compliance

  • The first time each customer uses the 'Pay Online' service,
    • they can choose to either "Save card details on file on web-app",
    • or they leave [ ] 'Save my Card' un-checked, so that details are not saved.
  • The only details app save will be 1st 6-digits & last 4-digits of card.
  • In future, every time that customer makes an online payment, they can choose:
    • to 'no longer have card details saved on file'
    • Or to change their card details, & Save or not save.



When card details are saved on file,

  • the next payment will be enabled without re-entering card details:



Automatic integration of Clover 'charged' orders into the Invoicing system:


( 1 ) Charge-to-Invoice Clover station App & Web-app App:

  • Can assign Clover order as paid by tender type ‘Charge-To-Invoice' for regular 'Activated' customers.
  • [Optional]. If you set up discounts table in web-app, the station app automatically applies line item discounts by customer by product range.
  • Can generate PDF invoices for 'charged' orders, for whatever period is required:
    • Weekly, every two weeks or monthly.
    • Alternatively an invoice can be generated for one specific order.


If you include Subscription for Accs-R, you get the integrated Accounts Receivable features:


( 2 ) Accounts Receivable & A-R Statements Web-App additional subscriptions with Charge-to-Invoice app

  • Can process payments on Web-app (on any PC, Laptop anywhere with Internet access)
  • Payments can be allocated to the oldest invoice or specific invoices can be selected to pay against.
  • Can generate reports on Order status, Invoice lists & Aged-balance XLS reports.
  • Can generate PDF Statements for whatever date range is required, for one or 'All' activated customers


( 3 ) Payment-On-Account, Clover station App is optional.

  • The purpose of Payment On Account app is to allow payments to be processed on a Clover station-device,
    • and saved automatically into the Charge-to-Invoice web-app accounts receivable (A-R) system.
  • This is not a stand-alone app.
  • Requires A-R subscription on 'Charge-to-Invoice' web-app.

'Payments On Account' app on Clover station-device,

  • Payments are processed against an Accounts Receivable balance.
  • Payments can be allocated to the oldest invoice or specific invoices can be selected to pay against.
  • Payment details are automatically saved into an 'Activated customer' A-R Web-app account.


( 4 ) Subscriptions based on Qty Invoice lines per month, & whether you include A-R Statements (Accounts Receivable) features:

  • ( 7 ) "Invoicing-only" subscription levels based on quantity of invoice lines generated each calendar month.
    • And
  • ( 7 ) "Accs-R & Invoicing" subscription levels that include Accounts Receivable & Statements, in addition to PDF Invoicing'.



Charge-Invoice Web-app 'Invoicing-only' subscriptions. Can generate PDF invoices:

  • You can generate PDF Invoice for orders marked paid by 'charge-to-invoice'.
  • App will not include any orders that have already been invoiced.
  • You can invoice 'All Activated Customers' by date range
  • Can invoice one customer, by date range & or by order number.


A-R (Accounts Receivable) subscriptions enable Statements & payments:

  • Can process payments on Web-app & allocate against outstanding invoice balances.
  • Can generate PDF Statements & Aged-balance XLS reports.
  • This web-app will replace the need for an external A-R accounts package .


  • ( Accs-R Invoice 3000 ), can process up to 3,000 Invoice lines per month
    • Each line represents an order line item from a Charge-to-Invoice Clover order.


For Detailed instructions on installing the Charge-to-Invoice application please see the Installation FAQ.


( 5 ) Charge-to-Invoice App works with 'Activated' customers:

  • You should only import the 'Charge' customers from Clover dashboard account into Web-app.
  • see detailed user notes on FAQ no 9.


  • The 'Sync New' button imports & 'activates' any new customers created or modified in previous 3 days (72 hours).
  • Web-app does not duplicate same 'First Name' 'Last Name' if they are already in web-app and have same email & Tel no.


  • Can select 'Activate all' if most are regular customers who will 'Charge' their orders (for later invoicing)
  • but,
  • if you have imported & activated too many customers into web-app & need to reduce those to a small list who 'charge' their orders,
  • Can 'Disable all' and use [ Edit ] on each 'Charge' customer to mark the those [Is Active].


Update May 15th 2019. It is no longer necessary to mark customer as taxable or non-taxable:

  • If there are no taxes on your Clover Charged Order receipts,
    • There will be no tax on Invoice that includes that receipt.




( 6 ) Each merchant can choose to set-up automatic discounts for regular repeat customers:

App uses Table of % discounts by ( 9 ) Customer Categories, by ( 9 ) Product ranges (Label-IDs).

If you wish to set-up automatic discounts for Charged Orders for regular customers.

You can allocate % discounts to existing Label-IDs (Product groups),

and assign a discount code (1 to 9) to each activated customer.

( See above 'Discount Category' [ 4 ]  & see Discount table below)

  • At initial Web-app set-up, enter %s in 'Label Discounts Table'
  • Mark Clover Register order as paid by 'Charge-to-Invoice' tender type,
  • Cashier selects 'Activated' customer to allocate order to.
  • App applies discounts automatically per order line item, for that customer's code no.


( 7 ) Optional 'Payments-On-Account' Clover station App subscription: USD $ 10 or Euro € 9 or GBP £ 8 per month rent.

In order to use the Payment On Account app, you need to first sign-up for one of the Accs-R Statement subscriptions on Charge to Invoice App.

Payments are processed against an Accounts Receivable (A-R) balance.

Can process payments on Clover device-station, & allocate against outstanding invoice balances on the A-R (accounts receivable) Web-app.

This app is fully integrated with A-R Statements Web-app, so that payments proceses via this app are automatically sent to accounts system.

See FAQ (Payment On Account Clover station app. How to install & process Payments on till).



Benefits of (3) apps: They are integrated. All transactions are linked between Clover & accounts web-app.

  • Using our integrated apps, all customer transactions are handled in one place, around Clover.
  • Automatic Order line discounting.
  • Time saved by staff. No need to calculate or remember line item discounts.
  • Greater accuracy from app discounting.
  • Web-app accounts-receivable has automatically saved details from 'Charge-to-Invoice' orders.
  • No orders are duplicated, and none are forgotten when PDF invoices are generated.
  • Invoice PDF generation is simple, easy & fast.
  • When payments are processed via our apps,
    • Up-to-date Statements & Aged Balance XLS reports are available.



Note: If you need to import existing Customers details from previous POS system, using an Excel (Xls) spreadsheet:

  • Please consider RetailCP's XLS Customer Uploader web-app
  • See details & screen views: 


Please email any questions to

Thank you.