User Overview

 Announcement now January 3rd 2020,

new USA Clover merchants can again sign up for the two Apps:

'Charge-to-Invoice' & 'Payment On Account'.


For existing USA Clover merchants who are signed-up for Charge-To-Invoice & Payments On Account,

you can update to higher subscriptions if you need more invoice lines.

Please download the PDF doc (Top right), which gives an overview of how the two apps work.


For Clover Canada merchants, we ask that you please wait until late January 2020, when we hope

our new app is approved. See [  ] for details on 'Payments Debits Invoices' app


When you have questions, please first read the user notes under FAQs [top right '?' FAQs] 

If you have new questions, please email to  Many thanks


The 'Charge-to-Invoice' App is suitable for any business that puts customers orders on 'tab',

  • App allows you to 'Charge orders' on Clover station-devices as paid by tender type 'Charge-to-Invoice'
  • Later that day, end-week, mid-month or end month, at the date you prefer,
  • This app allows you generate PDF Invoices for 'Charged Orders' by date range.


Note: Accounts Receivable subscription ( Accs-R ):

  • You need to sign-up for one of the "Accs-R" subscriptions to be able to:

(a) Process payments manually via Web-app & to generate Statements.

(b) To allow end-customers pay online. (Online payments are allocated using Web-app Accs-R).

(c) Need an Accs-R subscription to be able to use 'Payments-On-Account' app on Clover station.


List of FAQ (Answers to frequently asked questions):


  • See the 'Support & FAQ' pages, top right of page.
  • They explain how to install Clover station app & set-up Customers on the Web-app.
  • And how to use both Clover & Web-app features
  • Please email your questions to



Clover 'Charged orders' & 'Payments' are fully integrated with our Accounts Receivable Web-app.


When you sign up for one of the Accs-R subscriptions, you get the web-app integrated Accounts Receivable system,

which allows you enter Payments & to generate Statemens & Aged Balances reports.



Must sign up for Accs-Receivable subscription on Charge-to-Invoice,

to be able to use 'Payment On Account' on Clover station-device.


Web-app sends Invoice & Statement PDF docs by email.

  • Each merchant can decide whether to send PDFs by email, or not.
  • Your Clover customers can have more than one email address.
  • App sends PDF Invoices and Statements to each email address on end-customers account.


(Above PDF Invoice shows that Qty [20] same item uses only one Invoice line, because Clover Item uses 'Per unit' pricing.)


PDF Invoices include all details from 'Charge-Invoice' orders

  • Qty by Units ( 10 Lbs weight)
  • Items can have Custom modifiers, to add more detail
  • Standard modifier & price will show on separate line, following main Item.
  • Line item discounts
  • Overall order discounts
  • Line & Payment Refunds
  • Service charges.


Customers can 'Pay Online' with Card OnFile

  • The cover emails which send out PDF Invoices & Statements include a 'Pay Online' URL
  • End-customers who wish to pay you online by card, can select the [Pay Online] URL
  • This re-directs the customer to the secure Clover / First Data payment gateway


Customer Data Protection Compliance

  • The first time each customer uses the 'Pay Online' service,
    • they can choose to either "Save card details on file on web-app",
    • or they leave [ ] 'Save my Card' un-checked, so that details are not saved.
  • The only details app save will be 1st 6-digits & last 4-digits of card.
  • In future, every time that customer makes an online payment, they can choose:
    • to 'no longer have card details saved on file'
    • Or to change their card details, & Save or not save.



When card details are saved on file,

  • the next payment will be enabled without re-entering card details:



Automatic integration of Clover 'charged' orders into the Invoicing system:


( 1 ) Charge-to-Invoice Clover station App & Web-app App:

  • Can assign Clover order as paid by tender type ‘Charge-To-Invoice' for regular 'Activated' customers.
  • [Optional]. If you set up discounts table in web-app, the station app automatically applies line item discounts by customer by product range.
  • Can generate PDF invoices for 'charged' orders, for whatever period is required:
    • Weekly, every two weeks or monthly.
    • Alternatively an invoice can be generated for one specific order.


If you include Subscription for Accs-R, you get the integrated Accounts Receivable features:


( 2 ) Accounts Receivable & A-R Statements Web-App additional subscriptions with Charge-to-Invoice app

  • Can process payments on Web-app (on any PC, Laptop anywhere with Internet access)
  • Payments can be allocated to the oldest invoice or specific invoices can be selected to pay against.
  • Can generate reports on Order status, Invoice lists & Aged-balance XLS reports.
  • Can generate PDF Statements for whatever date range is required, for one or 'All' activated customers


( 3 ) Payment-On-Account, Clover station App is optional.

  • The purpose of Payment On Account app is to allow payments to be processed on a Clover station-device,
    • and saved automatically into the Charge-to-Invoice web-app accounts receivable (A-R) system.
  • This is not a stand-alone app.
  • Requires A-R subscription on 'Charge-to-Invoice' web-app.

'Payments On Account' app on Clover station-device,

  • Payments are processed against an Accounts Receivable balance.
  • Payments can be allocated to the oldest invoice or specific invoices can be selected to pay against.
  • Payment details are automatically saved into an 'Activated customer' A-R Web-app account.


( 4 ) Subscriptions based on Qty Invoice lines per month, & whether you include A-R Statements (Accounts Receivable) features:

  • ( 7 ) "Invoicing-only" subscription levels based on quantity of invoice lines generated each calendar month.
    • And
  • ( 7 ) "Accs-R & Invoicing" subscription levels that include Accounts Receivable & Statements, in addition to PDF Invoicing'.



Charge-Invoice Web-app 'Invoicing-only' subscriptions. Can generate PDF invoices:

  • You can generate PDF Invoice for orders marked paid by 'charge-to-invoice'.
  • App will not include any orders that have already been invoiced.
  • You can invoice 'All Activated Customers' by date range
  • Can invoice one customer, by date range & or by order number.


A-R (Accounts Receivable) subscriptions enable Statements & payments:

  • Can process payments on Web-app & allocate against outstanding invoice balances.
  • Can generate PDF Statements & Aged-balance XLS reports.
  • This web-app will replace the need for an external A-R accounts package .


  • ( Accs-R Invoice 3000 ), can process up to 3,000 Invoice lines per month
    • Each line represents an order line item from a Charge-to-Invoice Clover order.


For Detailed instructions on installing the Charge-to-Invoice application please see the Installation FAQ.


( 5 ) Charge-to-Invoice App works with 'Activated' customers:

  • You should only import the 'Charge' customers from Clover dashboard account into Web-app.
  • see detailed user notes on FAQ no 9.


  • The 'Sync New' button imports & 'activates' any new customers created or modified in previous 3 days (72 hours).
  • Web-app does not duplicate same 'First Name' 'Last Name' if they are already in web-app and have same email & Tel no.


  • Can select 'Activate all' if most are regular customers who will 'Charge' their orders (for later invoicing)
  • but,
  • if you have imported & activated too many customers into web-app & need to reduce those to a small list who 'charge' their orders,
  • Can 'Disable all' and use [ Edit ] on each 'Charge' customer to mark the those [Is Active].


Update May 15th 2019. It is no longer necessary to mark customer as taxable or non-taxable:

  • If there are no taxes on your Clover Charged Order receipts,
    • There will be no tax on Invoice that includes that receipt.




( 6 ) Each merchant can choose to set-up automatic discounts for regular repeat customers:

App uses Table of % discounts by ( 9 ) Customer Categories, by ( 9 ) Product ranges (Label-IDs).

If you wish to set-up automatic discounts for Charged Orders for regular customers.

You can allocate % discounts to existing Label-IDs (Product groups),

and assign a discount code (1 to 9) to each activated customer.

( See above 'Discount Category' [ 4 ]  & see Discount table below)

  • At initial Web-app set-up, enter %s in 'Label Discounts Table'
  • Mark Clover Register order as paid by 'Charge-to-Invoice' tender type,
  • Cashier selects 'Activated' customer to allocate order to.
  • App applies discounts automatically per order line item, for that customer's code no.


( 7 ) Optional 'Payments-On-Account' Clover station App subscription: USD $ 10 or Euro € 9 or GBP £ 8 per month rent.

In order to use the Payment On Account app, you need to first sign-up for one of the Accs-R Statement subscriptions on Charge to Invoice App.

Payments are processed against an Accounts Receivable (A-R) balance.

Can process payments on Clover device-station, & allocate against outstanding invoice balances on the A-R (accounts receivable) Web-app.

This app is fully integrated with A-R Statements Web-app, so that payments proceses via this app are automatically sent to accounts system.

See FAQ (Payment On Account Clover station app. How to install & process Payments on till).



Benefits of (3) apps: They are integrated. All transactions are linked between Clover & accounts web-app.

  • Using our integrated apps, all customer transactions are handled in one place, around Clover.
  • Automatic Order line discounting.
  • Time saved by staff. No need to calculate or remember line item discounts.
  • Greater accuracy from app discounting.
  • Web-app accounts-receivable has automatically saved details from 'Charge-to-Invoice' orders.
  • No orders are duplicated, and none are forgotten when PDF invoices are generated.
  • Invoice PDF generation is simple, easy & fast.
  • When payments are processed via our apps,
    • Up-to-date Statements & Aged Balance XLS reports are available.



Note: If you need to import existing Customers details from previous POS system, using an Excel (Xls) spreadsheet:

  • Please consider RetailCP's XLS Customer Uploader web-app
  • See details & screen views: 


Please email any questions to

Thank you.